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  • Health is the result of Investing in Good Nutrition!

    Great food begins with the best ingredients. Our culinary and nutrition teams are passionate about using fresh, nutritious, minimally processed, and locally sourced ingredients. Chartwells is the first in the child nutrition industry to have our allergen management training courses certified by Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). Partnering with FARE helps ensure our training programs remain aligned with the latest advancements in food allergen management and keeps the safety of our students as the number one priority. Whether they’re getting ready for the game on Friday night or want to stay hydrated during the fun at field day, this program can benefit all students. Sports nutrition education activities promote nutrition and physical activity through presentations to athletic teams, training tables in the cafeterias, and communication resources to reach parents, coaches, and students.

  • Brian Corbett – Director of Dining Services

    As a Chartwells Management team member, Brian Corbett is the Director of Dining Services responsible for Harper Woods School District, Food and Nutrition Department. Brian started his career with Compass Group in August 2010 as the Director of Dining Services for Harper Woods School District. He has 12 years of experience in the K-12 Food Service industry. Brian has an extensive food service background that began over forty years ago. Brian is a dedicated member of the Chartwells Management team; he serves as a Financial Champion and on various committees. He works with the district administration, students, staff, and parents to ensure a high-quality food service program while developing and training his team to reach their potential. Since arriving at Harper Woods School District, Brian has refined the food service department by increasing the quality of food, implementing scratch cooking, improving labor and customer service efficiency, and has positioned the program to be self-sustaining and profitable, while adhering to the strict nutritional guidelines set forth by the USDA. Brian takes pride in his menus. They are written on-site, meet federal regulatory guidelines, and take into consideration, through discussions and surveys, the student’s, and staff’s preferences and by using Chartwells approved vendors, the quality and safety of ingredients are insured. Brian also demonstrates a leadership role in his effective management of the My Star POS system. Through diligent training and hiring practices, Brian can ensure that the most qualified persons are placed into vacant positions in the district. Brian is hands-on throughout the entire hiring and onboarding process and continues his direct involvement through the employee’s onsite training and job successes. He is well experienced with the budgeting, tracking, and management of labor hours and appropriate meals per labor hour initiatives. It is imperative to Brian, for the students, community, and staff that the best person is hired for the position. Brian has enjoyed his 12 years as a Chartwells Director of Dining Services. During those years, he has assisted in kitchen design and equipment procurement has successfully completed his Retail Mind Set Certification training, and has orchestrated many updates to service style and serving line structure for the successful service to his student customers. Brian also has a successful record of accomplishment in creating and implementing special events from menu planning to onsite event supervision. Brian is dedicated to making sure the students of Harper Woods School District receive the healthy and nutritious meals they deserve. Brian currently lives in St. Clair Shores with his wife and three daughters and Son; Jessica, Allison, Jake, and Ashley He enjoys boating, attending sporting events, music, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

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